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2018   LPTG Spring 2018 Grants Available GBRPP
2017   Land Protection Transaction Fall 2017 Grant Awards GBRPP
    Land Protection Transaction Spring 2017 Grant Awards GBRPP
    LPTG Fall 2017 Grants Available GBRPP
    LPTG March 2017 Grants Available GBRPP
2016   Land Protection Transaction 2016 Grant Awards 2016 Ė Press Release GBRPP
    Federal Grant to Conserve 1,100 Acres in Epping. 2-2016 Union Leader
    Last 53 Acres of Durhamís Thompson Farm Preserved. 4-2016 Fosters Daily Democrat
    LCHIP Grants Boost Local Protection Efforts Working Farms. 1-2016 Seacoast Online
    SPNHF Conserve Powder Major_Summer 2016 Forest Notes Society for the Protection of NH Forests
    Winters so Sweet-Adventures Along the Sweet Trail. 1-2016 The Sound
    LPTG March 2016 Grants Available GBRPP, PREP
2015   10 Great Foliage Hikes New Hampshire Magazine
    Wildlife NE Cottontail_Spring 2015 USFWS
    Durham says no to Oil Refinery. 10-2015 Fosterís Daily Democrat
    SELT to acquire forest next to Stonehouse Pond. 12-2015 Fosterís Daily Democrat
    Land Protection Transaction Grant Project Sites, 2014-2015 GBRPP, PREP
    Land Protection Transaction 2015 Summer Awardees GBRPP, PREP
    Land Protection Transaction 2015 Winter Awardees GBRPP, PREP
    Volunteers Work to Restore Cottontail Habitat Fosters Daily Democrat
2014   Press Release Announcement for Winter Grant Round GBRPP, PREP
  Sweet Trail Workday TNC
    Land Protection Transaction 2014 Summer Awardees GBRPP, PREP
    Conserving Land and Water A Good Investment TPL, TNC
    The Nature Conservancy Protects 90 Acres in Durham TNC
    Grants Available for Transaction Costs for Permanent Land Protection in Coastal Watershed GBRPP, PREP
2013   Partnership Conserves Dairy Farm in Lee Society for the Protection of NH Forests
    Shaheen Walks Sweet Trail Conservation Trail Links Longmarsh Road and Great Bay Fosters Daily Democrat
    Wildlife Ferry Trail_Fall 2013 USFWS
    Ath-Mor Farm Land Water and a Vision TNC
    Lee Hook Road Dairy Farm Lee Agricultural Newsletter
    Tucker Property Piscassic Greenway Great Bay Resource Protection Partnership
    59 Acres Added to Piscassic Greenway SELTNH
    Tucker Property Piscassic Greenway Adds Acres of Habitat in Newmarket Fosters Daily Democrat
2012   Strengthening the Resilience TNC
    Wildlife Bat_Fall 2012 USFWS
    SPNHF Creates Endangered Rabbit Habitat in Durham Society for the Protection of NH Forests
2011   Brett Farm conservation easement protects classic site Fosters Daily Democrat
    Wildlife Bat_Fall 2011 USFWS
    Madbury Musings: Conservation Commission Town of Madbury, NH
    Passports to Great Bay available from the Great Bay Stewards Great Bay Stewards / GBNERR
    Environmental Groups have Found Strength in Numbers Concord Monitor
    Great Bay Group Marks 100th Conservation Project with Acquisition of 53 Acres Fosters Daily Democrat
    Great Bay Partnership Hits Major Milestone in Land Protection Ducks Unlimited
    Group Celebrates 100th Conservation Project The Wire
    Group's Effort Marks Conservation of 5,800 Acres Around Great Bay Seacoast Online
    Protecting Great Bay Estuary, the Seacoast's 'Jewel' Seacoast Online
    Critical Piece in Great Bay Conservation Puzzle Put into Place TNC
    The Eagles Have Landed Fosters Daily Democrat
    Critical Piece in Great Bay Conservation Puzzle Fosters Daily Democrat
2010   Conserving and Restoring Follett's Brook Audubon Society
    Development Plays Key Role in Pollution of Great Bay NH Public Radio
    Four-Mile Sweet Trail Open in Durham Fosters Daily Democrat
    Conservation Profile the Langley Family TNC
2009   Twentieth Century New England Land Conservation Harvard Forest excerpt
    Six New Properties Conserved at Great Bay NHFG
    Five Sisters Protect 115 Acres of Family Farm in Follet's Brook Fosters Daily Democrat
    Conservation projects in Durham Madbury Help Protect Great Bay Water Quality Fosters Daily Democrat
    GBRPP Protects 5000 acres for Health of Great Bay TNC
    Great Bay Acres Save Seacoastonline
    Senator Gregg Lauded as Champion for Great Bay Fosters Daily Democrat
    Lorraine Morong donates conservation easement on 23 acres in Madbury SPNHF
    On the Atlantic Flyway Wildlife Journal
    Madbury & Durham Conservation Projects help protect Great Bay SPNHF Forest Notes
2008   Your Passport to Great Bay Wildlife Journal
    Building a Bridge to Nature GBNERR Great Bay Matters
2007   NAWCA Recommended for Approval USFWS Atlantic Coast Joint Venture News
    Nearly 45 acres in Great Bay Saved for Conservation Fosters Daily Democrat
    Great Bay Resource Partnership Awarded EPAs Environmental Merit Award SeacoastOnline
    Great Bay Wins Award Fosters Daily Democrat
    Local Grassroots Group Protects Estuary Portsmouth Herald
    Heavy Lifting Boosts Trail Project Boston Globe
    Forest Society Partners for Protection around Great Bay SPNHF Forest Notes
2006   Large Parcel of Land Near Great Bog Protected Fosters Daily Democrat
    80 historic acres overlooking Little Bay conserved Fosters Daily Democrat
2005   TNC buys Sawyer Farm land in Newmarket Fosters Daily Democrat
    Who is Behind the Curtain Great Bay Matters, GBNERR
    People Make it Happen TNC
    Waterfowl Habitat along Piscassic River Protected Fosters Daily Democrat
    Land Purchase protects 120 shoreland acres on Great Bay Fosters Daily Democrat
    Newmarket Council Approves Easement on Neal Mill Road Fosters Daily Democrat
    Newmarket Open Space Funds Spent on Farm Property Fosters Daily Democrat
    Partnership Set to Transfer 12 Great Bay Parcels to NHFG TNC
2004   NAWCA Grants Approved USFWS Atlantic Coast Joint Venture News
    What's good for the Goose NHFG Wildlife Journal
2002   Protecting Wildlife & Significant Habitat Areas in CoastalNH TNC
    Power of Community Action Giving Land a Voice GBNERR Great Bay Matters
2001   Conservation Easement Secured Fosters Daily Democrat
1999   Conservation Grant Will Help Protect Great Bay Fosters Daily Democrat
    Partners for Great Bay NHFG Wildlife Journal
    Saving One of the Last Great Places Boston Globe
    Consensus for Conservation NHFG Wildlife Journal
1996   Waterfowl Habitat Protection on Great Bay GBNERR Great Bay Matters



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