Stewardship – Collaborative Resource Management

woman posting conservation sign on tree

photo by Eric Aldrich

The Partnership’s continued conservation responsibilities include the collaborative management of conserved properties from a landscape scale perspective that respects the integrity of the entire ecosystem. Partner organizations collaborate on stewardship activities such as resource management, public access and restoration on conserved lands.

The Partnership assists private, public and nonprofit landowners to manage large blocks of conserved lands through the development of landscape-scale stewardship plans. Delineated by watershed, the management plans identify common goals and guidelines for management priorities. Conservation landowners meet routinely to share ideas and resources for effective long-term resource management. Resource sharing includes everything from tractors, tools, signs, volunteer crews and technical expertise. While specific management decisions for properties are made by the conservation landowner, the management plans provide guidance from an ecological watershed perspective.

Successful implementation of the cooperative stewardship model has been demonstrated in the 752-acre Tuttle Swamp Conservation Area (Natural Resource Management Plan for the Tuttle Swamp Watershed, 2006) and the 2,425-acre Crommet Creek Conservation Area (Crommet Creek Management Plan, 2012).