Grant Program

The Great Bay Resource Protection Partnership offers the Land Protection Transaction Grant Program. The matching grants program assists with the costs for permanent land protection projects (donation and/or acquisition of full fee and conservation easements) within the coastal watershed including coastal New Hampshire and part of southern Maine. Eligible applicants include qualified nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) conservation organizations and units of government.

Since 2014, the Partnership has provided 67 transaction grants to land trusts and municipalities working to conserve over 13,000 acres of significant conservation land in seventeen communities, leveraging over $789,000 in other funds.

The Partnership’s funding for the Land Protection Transaction Grant Program is provided by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and the Thomas W Haas Fund of New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. The Nature Conservancy serves as the fiscal and administrative agent for the Partnership.

Current Grant Information

  • Digital Grant Application Submittal

    Update 3/27/2020

    April 2020 Land Protection Transaction Grants
    Digital Grant Application Submittal

    The GBRPP will be accepting digital Grant Application submittals for the April 2020 Land
    Protection Transaction Grant Program. Submit applications electronically using Transfernow.
    PDF instructions.

    Applications should be electronically submitted no later than 4/10/2020. Contact the Great Bay
    Coordinator with any questions.

  • Land Protection Transaction Grants Application Due Date: April 10, 2020 (postmarked)

    Full press release (PDF format)

    The Great Bay Resource Protection Partnership (GBRPP) is offering grants to assist with land transaction costs for the permanent land protection projects in the coastal watershed area of New Hampshire and Maine. The April 2020 grant round will accept applications for both the Grant Program 1 Prospective Project Appraisals and Grant Program 2 Completed Project Transaction Costs. 

    Download the April 2020 Grant Program Information and Application Instructions (MS Word or PDF) and Application Form (MS Word or PDF).

    The Partnership’s application instruction webinar from April 17, 2018 is available in PDF or a full webinar video (large 265MB file).

For Successful Grants – Managing a Land Protection Transaction Grant

The LPTG Program is a reimbursement grant program. To receive grant funds at project completion, Grantees submit final project documentation as detailed in the Grant Award. Provided below are invoice and organization forms for both Grant Program 1 and 2 projects.

Invoice Forms Grant Program 1 (Prospective Project Appraisals):

Invoice Forms Grant Program 2 (Completed Project Transaction Costs):

Grantee Organization Forms for all grants: